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Guat'z Essen

Peter Fankhauser has gathered 26 years of experience in every corner of the world and with renowned toque-awarded chefs in traditional cooking, haute cuisine, and confectionary skills.  

Restaurant Guat'z Essen (Stumm) ©Manfred Haun

Vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a special charm

In 2018 on the ground floor of the Fiechtl apartments, Peter Fankhauser opened his own vegetarian/vegan restaurant "Guat'z Essen", where he serves innovative flavor compositions. Guat'z Essen celebrates the diversity of traditional cooking with delicious delicacies and unique flavors. The head chef takes time to personally present his dishes to guests! 

Stories from the vegetable garden

Right next to the apartment house is a colorful permaculture garden! Here, you can see how local, almost forgotten varieties of vegetables and fresh herbs are cultivated in harmony with nature. The freshly harvested superfoods from the garden then make their way straight to Peter Fankhauser's kitchen and become part of the menu or are prepared into specialties for the delicatessen. 

Menu & opening times

You will find the current "Guat'z Essen" daily menu here - you can choose between 3 and 5 courses!*
*Vegan menus only with advance order!

Restaurant opening times

Here, you can find the current opening times of the restaurant "Guat'z Essen"


Table reservation by telephone at +43 6641670350
Email info@guatzessen.at | Website www.guatzessen.at

Specialty shop

In the Guat'z Essen shop, you will find everything you could possibly desire for a delicious, hearty breakfast. Homemade jams, jellies, freshly baked farmhouse bread, and chocolates made from high-quality ingredients burst with the flavors of Tyrol, and you can bring these flavors back home with you and look back on enjoyable vacation memories. 

Shop opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm


"Guat'z Essen makes no compromises and consequently refrains from industrial products. Everything here is handcrafted.“

three good reasons

01 · Gorgeous location

Awaiting you here is plenty of space. TOP 2, 3, and 4 can be combined to accommodate up to 32 people. Your hosts Vroni & Jim are always on-site. 

02 · Comfortable vacation apartments

All the amenities, kitchen with brand-name appliances, high-quality beds, & grill in the garden. 

03 · Everything in-house

The "Motion4Health" dog paradise and "Guat'z Essen" restaurant for vegetarians and vegans right in-house.